Grab a Bible

Grab a Bible

If you are familiar with the Bible you’ll know there are many versions, paraphrases, parts of etc. that you could wish for.

If you don’t prefer or own a bible, then here are my suggestions

Do you prefer online or offline?  Both present many options, but again my recommendation:

  • Go to and download a Version of the Bible. The benefit here is when you do, either on PC or Tablet, you don’t need Internet to use it. I’ve used it on the plane, subway, walking down street…and/or
  • Go to Bible and pick a version, language, start to read or listen, bookmark it and follow through….start at Genesis 1-3

Version is top choice over paraphrase. A paraphrase is rewording the Bible with the authors understanding. You want a translation: better scholarship and accuracy and  leaves you with only the Holy Spirit and you to understand the passage

My top four preferences are as follows:

NIV  New International Version is the best readable version today;                  NASB: New American Standard Version: best accurate text ;                                          KJV: King James Version: best for  memory work and oldest version in print ;   RSV: Revised Standard Version serves as an easier read to the KJV.

If you are a disciplined person, and you take up this challenge, then you will find that an investment of only 15 minutes a day will get you through the entire bible in one year.

Displaying If you have a Bible that’s falling apart, you’ll have a life that’s not


Pet Peeves:  I have two things that you’ll notice quickly. One is I don’t break up a chapter, so how much you actually read daily is your choice. I like to complete a chapter and later a book. I don’t like to stop exactly at 88verses, because that breaks a chapter. Same with the completion of a segment or a book. In the first 3 days, we’ll read 11 chapters if you follow along with me.  Genesis 1-11 is a major Introductory section of Genesis. Then we’ll flow through the final 39 chapters which records the life and Times of Abraham and his 3 generations that follow him

A second Pet Peeve is when we get to “harder” sections. It’ll seem boring or perhaps irrelevant to our daily times. I may suggest you read a shorter amount from one section but add a chapter from an easier and “sweeter” part of the Bible. That is strictly your choice. I’ll have notes for either choice when we get there, a first example could be around Exodus 21 and following, about late January or the first month, whenever you’ve decided to start

If you finish the Bible , then let me know at the end and if you can complete a passing grade on a quiz I give you, I will give you a prize. I’m not going to tell you the prize now, but we’ll look at it later.

Happy New Year: tomorrow we pick it up at Genesis 1-3. Future notes will be a lot shorter; leave a comment or question if you like, and I’ll try to answer them as we go


Why Read the Bible in a Year?


First….it’s the best seller in the world, 52 weeks in a year

I know you never see it on the NY Times reading list, that is why you don’t  Because it’s always # 1.  You see there are many curious people in theworld


Lets go back….world population….Mr. Google what do you say, dec 27, 2015, well it’s hard to say … 1 death every 12 seconds, one birth every 8 seconds,,,so we’re going up, but as  I type this, it is 7,294,890,169…when I first starting typing this paragraph, and I’m slow, the last three numbers were zeros,,,now 260…that means every 24 seconds we are net one birth over 2 deaths

If you look it up… .

What does that mean about the bible?  Well 5 years ago, 160,000 people accepted Christ every day. Now that number has grown to 178,000. So, each of those people will need a bible and that’s why Bible Societies around the world exist. To provide Bibles as a publishing house/supplier for anyone who wants one globally.

For anyone who wants one. I’ve known people to buy one or a bunch before they had become a Christ follower. Even if only 10% per day get a bible, that’s still 126,000 bibles sold in a week.

Anything on the NY Times list, come close to that?  That’s only for new believers. What about people like me…I received one the other day about the time of my birthday. It was a new version of the King James version.

It is very easy to read.

So my sister-in-law bought one for me on my birthday. Very common thing to do, even though most people who say they are Christ followers never pick it up. A devotional guide, a few words from part of a verse of Scripture….short sentence perhaps. They get a fancy story,,,3-5 minutes tops they spend reading something about something in the Bible. Maybe it relates, maybe it doesn’t.

Yeah I’m a little feisty when it comes to someone who says  “I don’t have time to read the Bible!”

We all have the same 24 hours a day, 1440 minutes. Take 1.1% of that time and read the Bible. You’ll complete it long before Christmas 2016.  Make that your goal for 2016.

That’s our goal for tomorrow, to see what’s involved in reading the Bible in a year….now next year has an extra day, Feb. 29 , correct? Great year to start then!

Secondly:         WHY READ THE BIBLE IN A YEAR

Because it’s doable and taking longer you’ll probably never complete it

What might you expect to happen by reading the Bible and does your attitude make a difference.

…definitely your attitude always makes a difference

….keep a journal and whatever you expect you may see, but you may learn other info as well

Since there are 20 0f the 66 books that each have less than a 16 minute read.

That’s a great piece of information since if you ever get behind: you will and this will encourage you to catch up.

That’s up to you. That’s why you keep a journal. That also is another reason to buy a Bible either from online source or The Bible Society. The latter is the most economical place to buy one from and I have recommendations there as well.

Come along, grab a Bible and get started, or wait until tomorrow for more info.