Exodus 35- 7 Building Things of Monumental Importance

Long section here to read, but not extremely

Chapter 35  The Sabbath Regulations again.  Reminder of taking a day of rest. In our modern societies we choose to ignore that. Oh there is the consoloation that you are allowed a day of rest; but it isn’t Communal, it isn’t consistent with everyone else, or at least the greater majority of people

First of all, there is the need for contributions for the Tabernacle. Whoever is of a generous heart let him bring his contribution: of metals or material. Let the skilled craftsman come and make his contribution

You see the pattern: they left the presence of Moses, but then returned one by one.

Then the Construction of the Tabernacle.  So Bezalel returns

Chapter 36  Bezalel and Oholiab lead the group of craftsman.. The details are here of exactly what is constructed. Then…

Chapter 37  Making the Ark.  Since a cubit is 18 inches, we know it’s length at just under 4 feet long 2  1/4 feet wide and 2/14 feet high. That’s a pretty big box. That is the ark (of the covenant).  It is a very important casket like box containing the ten commandments, the sample of the first manna received by God and the bud that blossomed. There were rings on the sides so they could carry it with poles. On top a mercy seat made of pure gold.  A Huge heavy box

Then for the Tabernacle the Table was made, along with the Lampstand and the Altar of Incense

Exodus 33-34 Moving On Psalm 6 Lord, Forgive Us


God commands the people to leave Sinai. The great piece of land that is a giant triangle. People had gotten impatient waiting for Moses to come back down the mountain and so they make a golden calf. Moses hears the noise and God sends a plague on the people out of anger, to punish , so Moses interecedes for the people

Chapter 33
There is the command to leave Sinai and take off your jewellery as you leave Sinai…make a distinction

You are different. You are Gods’ people

Moses sets up the tent of meeting outside the camp
As Moses goes in  to make intercession for the people a pillar of cloud descends
and God is there and they have a conversation. Moses intercedes for the people by petitioning the Lord to remind Him of all He promised. God responds and promises to keep covenant with him. first of all.

In vs 13  ” my presence shall go with you” BEAUTIFIL  Jesus promised the same thing, that when he left He would send the holy spirit..another pic  century before

Chapter  34

Moses goes and makes new tablets of the Ten commandments

New tablets made  only moses allowed anywhere near mountain

For the Covenant to be renewed. see the picture of Unleavened bread again. In the modern church we celebrate communion, with the picture of unleavened bread

The Mercy of God was so demonstrated.  Moses had to fast for 40 days and 40 nights…like Jesus before He started his ministry. So Moses here, some 1500 years before Christ comes down from the mountain with his face literally shining having been in the presence of the Almighty.

Psalm 6 is another Psalm crying for forgiveness.

Love the phrase in here vs. 5

                       “no one remembers  you when they are dead

                                      who praises you from the grave”

Exodus 30-32 People and their Worship

Chapter  30           Altar of incense
Also it.s use  Aaron shall make offering of atonement annually  the sprinkling of blood

Census Tax  half a shekel for the maintenance of the tabernacle

Bronze basin is listed and was for Aaron and his clan to be clean
before any offerings made

Anointing oil and Incense are mentioned as well as a                                            recipe for holy anointing oil

Chapter  31       Oholiab and Bezalel

These two guys have names You don’t  hear of every day They are appointed as the lead craftsmen. They are the only ones mentioned to do work on garments and things that go into Tabernacle

Sabbath: the 4th commandment is mentioned because we’re talking about worship
Remembering the finger of god mentioned previously

Sabbath, or appropriately The Lords’ Day or Sunday for modern societies has been kept over the years in various ways. I know in our family growing up that my Dad as a preacher, we never even got out of our Sunday best clothes. We went to church 3 times a day and some of the family went on Wednesday night as well for Prayer Meeting.

One Popular author by the name of Pink (last name)  shared his view of the Sabbath that “no work was to be done” so the oatmeal was cooked on Saturday night  and they would eat it on Sunday. This is a time before Microwaves. I’m not sure if they’d warm it up, but I doubt it since that would be considered work

This all goes to Worship.  We worship and obey. Now shopping on Sunday is a regular event. We have to discipline ourselves to avoid that.

Chapter 32  We see the impatient crowd.  They complain about Moses going up the mountain and not coming back.  They pressure Aaron to make a golden calf. He tells them to give him their silver and he melts it down and shapes in the form of a golden calf.  People want a god they can see…think of religions and churches in world have to have idols or images to use in worship

As Moses intervenes  God is angry so he sends a plague to purify camp by killing off the leaders.

God is holy and demands that of his followers. ..todays church caught up with Love of God   but don.t balance it with his justice

One of my favourite new contemporary songs I want to share with you

Enjoy and Learn to Mean it!!



Exodus 28,29 The Priests Garments and Consecration Psalm 4 , 5 Prayers For Guidance

These two chapters are long and detailed, so I’ve included a couple of short Psalms that talk about seeking Gods help to be delivered in difficulty.

Chapter  28  Priests’ Garments. 6 pieces to the garments as listed in 4th verse and encouraging people of skill from the group, Surely within a group of 1 million some are skilled to do this work .  You see the detail of it’s design and quality of craftmanship and of materials that go into these “holy garments” . It’s interesting that everything points to God, and His Community of Israel.

I realize in days when I was young, then teens , I had my “sunday-go-to-meeting -clothes” on.  Even in some churches, I’m sure across the world a suit is definitely the clothes to wear to go to Church.  In our church for the last 30 years…anything goes, and I feel it’s a negative which goes to attitude, but not easy convincing people.  Vs. 29  Aaron to bring to remembrance before the Lord.  The symbols convey great meaning. I think that is lost in the Church today. Some symbols are still there, but as decorations instead of great meaning.

Chapter 29  In this chapter is the Consecration of the Priests.  Only some could lead the people in worship. Same is true today. It’s a different world and you get all kinds of people who lead in worship.

The dedication of the Priests and later in the chapter the sacrifices made for certain reasons are detailed. At the end around  vs. 42 etc, God says “I’ll meet with you, to speak to you there. and I’ll meet with the people of Israel, and it shall be sanctified by my Glory.

while the reading long today I wanted to include the music below as a meditative piece that fits, I believe , with the incredible meaning of these two chapters. As God sets up His holiness represented in the garments and consecration of the Priests in the  wandering society as it’s set up in the Wilderness

Psalm  4, 5

Psalm 4  This is a theme which is repeated in different ways through the Psalms. Answer me when I call.  In verse 4, is a comment reflected in the book of Ephesians in the New Testament. Generally speaking it means not to go to bed at night with anger in your heart. If someone has wronged you, straighten it out. but even if it’s you who are in the wrong, either way, get a better nights’ sleep by straightening it out.  Then in vs. 8 he says it again, though with different words

Psalm 5  Is a request of help because of people who are around the King who have little humility before God. Verse 8, Lead me, Lord because of your righteousness, then vs. 9  The words of my enemies cannot be trusted.

Very nice rendition of one of Wesleys’ Hymns. Short, to the point, Meditative

You’re not racing through this song, the music, the lyrics speak volumes to be in humble attitude requesting direction in  life, guidance, decision, whatever from Almighty God. This was a nice discovery of a group singing this.

Exodus 25-27 Building The Sanctuary and Contents Psalm 3 Lifter of my Head

Chapter 25    Contributions for the Sanctuary

The Ark of the Covenant…This was a special box which garnered spiritual attention and gave power with it. Ten commandments, the jar with the manna as a testimony from God. The description of the inside, outside and the poles that carry out are laid out.

The Table and the Lampstand: Furniture pieces for the Sanctuary

Chapter 26  This describes the original Tabernacle to be built. Again a society building it’s worship centre, even though portable, to be set up, torn down as they moved from place to place

Chapter 27  The Bronze Altar.  Then the Court of the Tabernacle , the Oil of the Lamp to be used in worship, but also a lamp to burn continuously. Perhaps to signify the presence of God always with them. Jesus later as He comes is so described as the Light of the world

Psalms 3 Is a warrior type Psalm  David cries out that he has many enemies and cries for protection. This particular Psalm relates to David as he has to flee the throne and city as Absalom his son, led a civil rebellion against his father. This has been a favourite chorus coming from this Psalm

Exodus 22-24 Worship God Psalms 1,2 Kiss the Son

Exodus 22-24

Chapter 22

assorted laws
laws for social justice

Chapter  23
assorted laws for theft, penalties etc

sabbaths snd Festvals

           Leviticus the next book is filled with Festivals and Sacrifices
Promise of Canaan dwelling is reiterated by God and always the command that if you want Canaan you’ll get it sooner than later by Obeying the Father

True for the Christian today, that to Obey God, to do as Jesus does and says is better than losing out everything

Chapter  24
Moses and Aaron,  Nathan And Abihu and Elders go up to worship God

          “from afar”

 so the Mountain is the worship epicentre

Psalm 1   Like an Introduction to the entire book of Psalms. Basic principle of Psalms. Proverbs is that of

   wisdom vs foolishness   Wise people know who to “hang”: with. Fools don’t

Psalm 2  Does man think he can out duel God and get away with it?  Here is a rare picture of God….”He scoffs at them…” meaning of course those who think they are better than, richer than, or just plain, don’t need God.  A practicing Atheist is only an athiest  because there is a God. Everyone will give an account after they die

Ed. Note….To fill in the spaces of our lives we appreciate the Psalms

Exodus 19-21 Ten Commandments

I’ve said I’ve read the Bible over 40 times…cover to cover…well this is why!

Chapter  19   This starts with something I’ve never noticed before.   lol   “on the third new moon…”  Never saw that before…. A new moon happens every 27.3 days,,,so about 3 months or to be exact 82 days.  The getting out, the water and food problems. The Red Sea Victory, the fighting the Amelakites wow. Did they time to rest?  Busy for 1 million people out in the wilderness. Of course, they didn’t have to make bricks anymore.

How much goes on in your life in 82 days?  Do you complain, I do! That’s why a journal is nice, you can look  back and see what was special for you in previous 81 days  .Now God is going to appear to them in a “Thick Cloud” Strict rules:

  • third day
  • don’t come near the mountain
  • you touch it you will die

So on the third day there was thunder and lightning.  So then he said,,,”don’t go near a woman!”   Mt. Sinai was wrapped in a cloud…I’ve been in mountain ranges before and seen mountains wrapped in a cloud. Very picturesque

Chapter 20

These are not suggestions. I understand from friends that some religions will keep some of these commandments but not all of them. Murder, Adultery, Theft they are important

In the Bible it makes it clear that if you break one commandment you break them all. Not too encouraging..  You break one law, you break them all.

Chapter 21.

Remember, we’re out in a wilderness. 1 million people. Been in slavery for 430 years, now God is setting up a society via laws and rules. So now we get rules about

  • slaves
  • murder and manslaughter and cities of refuge
  • disrespect to parents
  • theft of persons
  • fighting and penalties as long as they are alive
  • hit a pregnant woman
  • striking ones slave
  • an ox killing a person
  • laws about restitution

We’re setting up a society according to the Mercy of Almighty God


Exodus 16-18 Living and Relying on God

Chapter 16    This is like the day after the day before.  The excitement is past. The Victory has occurred and now lets get down to life

God sets up the food menu for the nation to eat and food comes from heaven. They still compare the food they had to eat in Egypt with the food now. This was 45 days after they left Egypt so memory is still sharp. It is easy to look back isn’t it and compare. So God said, I’m going to rain bread from heaven for you, and the people can go out and get one days’ portion every day. They were told not to load up, not to hoard more than one days’ portion: if they did the extra would spoil.  You talk about a provider. On the sixth day they were allowed to get double because the 7th day was the Sabbath and no work was to be done. This was called manna.  Then they got a jar and Moses put a piece of the MANNA in it and it was kept as a memorial among the people.

Chapter 17   Water was a problem at Rephidim . So naturally they complain to Moses, and He gets back to the Lord. God says go take some elders with you go down to a rock and I will pass before you. Strike the rock and water will come out. People drank the water

Then the first battle was engaged against Amalek. Moses said, I’ll stand on the top of the hill and extend my hands and as long as he did that they were winning. His arms got sore and they dropped to his side, so a couple of men had to go and hold them up.

This is great imagery for prayer. When you pray hold your hands up. I know in large gatherings often times the leader says to the parishioners “extend your arms, as we pray”  in that way we are fighting a battle against disease, fear, or whatever the prayer is for.

Chapter 18.  Moses comes to visit his father-in-law, Jethro. He gives him some advice.  They chat a bit, and Moses sits to judge the people.  Jethro sees this going on and he says, you are going to get tired very soon. You have 1 million people here. You cannot judge them all.  Decentralize actually was the advice. Appoint others to help you and let them judge the small matters and you judge the larger. So God was teaching his people to rely on him,. and even Moses was able to listen to and enact the advice of others

Are you good at that?



Have you checked out Zinzendorf on Google yet?  I think some of you might have grabbed a query and gone looking.

How do you pray an hour a day….well I don’t think you just start talking. I like to have little music around me, like something I just posted earlier; and a Bible and a pen and some note paper, but here’s a list of 20 things, and think of 3 minutes each


You will start with this, and eventually make your own list, don’t worry about the clock that it has to be 3 minutes each,,,just a suggestion, but think about it, don’t rush, pause, be quiet in your soul. ENJOY IT!!

We are told to pray for those in authority, so go to

When I say to Pray for this and that, just talk out aloud or stay quiet and meditate on that thought or take some time to mutter the request and listen…after you practice this a few days or weeks, you will sense the power and presence of God Himself

Canadian Church directory on FB and join Cord Lafond who has a list of all sitting MPs to pray for, get on their email list and you’ll get a different MP each day and what his/her riding is.

  • at work  or at home take a few 3 minute breaks..pray for others
  • think of a fellow worker who scoffs at you for jesus ,,, he/she is thinking of Him…pray He will turn that scoffing into scouting Jesus
  • at home your family
  • on the commute,,safety,
  • house pray for authority in Jesus name
  • as you walk in your neighbourhood just sing praise jesus songs…I’ve done that for years, scares away the devil
  • talk to people
  • church leaders, if you don’t go, pray for me, as I continue the blogging thru the Bible
  • get a newspaper put your hand on violent stories and pray for Gods’ presence and peace to reign in that territory
  • pray for leaders same way
  • elderly neighbours in neighbourhood
  • safety of Children…devil likes to undermine the family….take authority
  • avoid the name of the Devil   just praise Jesus
  • get favourite music to sing…short phrases like Awesome god
  • pray for security and safety within our commute
  • pray for safety and peace in our country
  • pray for missionaries if you know of any
  • ask if you can get a prisoner pen pal and encourage and pray for him/her
  • thank God for sending Jesus
  • thank God for making the world the way it is
  • thank God for free will
  • thank God bringing purpose and meaning in your life
once you get to about 10’15 you’ll think of more….think of people who help people for a living
pray for yourself that you can keep praying
If you don’t believe in God, but you like what I’m writing, then ask God to show Himself to you,,,,prove to you that He Exists and has a  purpose for your life
When I say to Pray for this and that, just talk out aloud or stay quiet and meditate on that thought or take some time to mutter the request and listen…after you practice this a few days or weeks, you will sense the power and presence of God Himself (repeated on purpose)


Exodus 13-15 The Experience of Victory

Chapter 13   Imagine one million people plus their flocks and herds of cattle, sheep and perhaps wagons with other things. Something like the western American coliapes of the 19th century, but 1 million people, not 27 wagons. Plus a group of people that grew up in slavery; now they are on their own.

First command is to consecrate the firstborn. The firstborn of the enemy has just been killed, therefore the firstborn in this group is to be heralded. As Jesus was the first born of all creation, not created but existed before, He is pictured here in prophecy of being consecrated when He comes as the First born and his second coming as the Messiah.

People are to remember this day when they came out of Egypt. Set this day apart and tell your sons. Kill the firstborn of animals and offer it as a sacrifice to the Lord.  Then I shall guide you by cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night. No GPS, not smartphone, just the Lords directions.

Chapter 14  The famous crossing of the Red Sea. At a moments notice of trouble brewing, they cry out to Moses, complain about the Lord, and He answers with a miracle of a wall of water. Something like a Tsunami only it didn’t sweep up the land and destroy everything, it stayed as a wall. Then as the Egyptian army followed the people through the dry land of the Red Sea, the water came down and swallowed them all

Many people want to offer a different version: one that varies from the truth. Why not? It’s easier to cast aspersions. I find that incredible. The original version is much more likely

Chapter 15.  Moses’ sister is a musician and she writes and sings a song