Numbers 32, 33 Approaching the Promised Land

Numbers 32 is the detailed account of the two tribes: Reuben and Gad

who had livestock and they wanted to stay on the land East of the Jordan

river. They agreed to Moses suggestion that they send some of their fighters

to help the bulk of the tribes conquer the land . So they do that

but leave their families on the land they’re keeping as theirs: east of the Jordan

Now of course this map above has names on it that haven’t really

been discussed as yet in the Biblical record .  Great to see it though, right?


Numbers 33..   The actual Journeying of the Israelites to the Promised Land border is recorded again for us

The details are great especially if you like maps.


Numbers 30-31 Theology of War Psalms 10,11,12 How Righteous People can view Gods’ treatment of Wicked

Chapter 30 there is the whole deal with vows and that Women are given opportunity to become more responsible


Chapter 31 is the war against Midian to avenge former loss

God and War   This is a MAJOR

Theme in the Old Testament especially

You must understand by now the need for the People of God to be holy. Leviticus, it is the KEY WORD of the book

Numbers plenty examples of Holiness and don’t cross marry.

So when the people of God go to destroy their enemies; or the people who are

occupying the land, they must be destroyed:  ALL TRACES OF THEM

We decry the killing of Children, and yet the family is under attack all the time

We in our world are full of sin and who are we to Judge, but God wants purity

at all cost for his people.  We’re going to see more of this

It isn’t that God of grace in the NEw Testament is different as a God of War in the

Old, because Deuteronomy that we’re reading this week, will preach a God of Grace

in the Israelites of that day. Not something new when you turn the page into Matthew

or the Epistles that are written occupying most books of the New Testament.

Not only are the children killed, the cities are burned. Get rid of the Idols. but that never

completely happens

Psalm 10

Contrast to the God of War is in Psalm 10

David cries,,,why do you stand off

why do you NOT get involved. The wicked to not seek you; the wicked renounces

God…so Father, why forget the afflicted-us-and not call them to account?

David ends with a consolation that He will strengthen the righteous

He will do justice for the fatherless and oppressed

Psalm 11

To follow on that theme of Ps. 10

Lord, in you  I take Refuge

the Lord sees us, He tests us.

We shall see Him

Psalm 12

This is a more personal attack on the righteous by

the wicked. I know I’ve been mistreated

but I carry on, and I worship the Lord God

That’s Davids’ conclusion here

Numbers 27-29 Issues from the Census

Last chapter we looked at (skimmed over perhaps) the 2nd census of the book
from the 1st to the 2nd census we’ve read through about 19 chapters, and traveled
in the story 38.5 years
Now this last section of 9 chapters will take about 6 months in their activities
Chapter 27.  Two Issues arise from the Second Census…

Two issues emerge on the heels of the second census, and both deal with the relationship of the second to the first generation.

  • First the daughters of Zelophehad, since Daddy died without a son, who gets the inheritance
  • Secondly, Moses was moving on, so who is taking over


The five daughters of Zelophehad, showed faith and aggressiveness. This hadn’t been done before.

This is like a modern Womens’ lib thing. Stand up for your rights no matter if you are female.

 God made us in His Image: Male and Female.   There were no sons to inherit, so it should be left to us.

Here comes a new law

You have to hand it to these gals

These gals were part of the 2nd generation who were going into the promised land. They are not

judged for their fathers sin and they could see the vision of the hope of the future.

The Second Issue, was succession to leadership.  Aaron had been the mouthpiece for Moses, back in Egypt

The new leader would lead the people into the promised land.

Joshua, one of the two spies that had the faith to say LETS GO AND GET IT DONE, was the one chosen

Why else?   Because in verse 12 and following we see God picking Joshua….”in him is the spirit”

The best language in the Old testament of the Holy Spirit. Take him

There can be no better choice

Chapter 28/9 are the Daily Offerings reviewed

  •  Sabbath
  • Monthly
  • Passover
  • Feast of weeks
  • Feast of trumpets
  • Day of Atonement
  • Feast of booths

Renewal and remembrance all so necessary to reinforce key feasts and Offerings to 2nd generation


Numbers 25,26 The Last Days, not much to do

Chapter  25   The people continued their old ways….Nothing to do in wilderness, Baal worship

                     How do you spend your free time: sports, online gambling, cruising the net

             These people involved in constant sexual activity   while playing waiting game   that usually means adultery

One of the priests named  Phinehas got upset and murders an adulterous couple and the plague was stopped BUT 24.000 people died

26         2nd census:  signifies getting ready to go into promised land

              Caleb and Joshua only were left out of the original 12 spies

Enjoy your read

Numbers 22-24 Where do you get your Guidance From : The Donkey Speaks

Moses and the Israelites have just defeated the Amorites, a hill country peoples descended from Isaacs’ son, Esau.

You might remember that he lived in the mountains and his descendants are the Amorites and the Moabites.  This is an area south of the promised land at the time, and presently they are mountain ranges between Saudi Arabia and the coastal area of the Sinai Peninsula

Chapter 22 we see the King of the Moabites; Barak be a little concerned about his nations future. Moses and his million people are walking around the neighbourhood, and have just defeated in a batte, the Amorites. Barak consults a prophet called Balaam . He wanted him to curse the Israelites cause they heard of the whipping the Israelites handed to the Amorites.

                Balaam consults God and God tells him not to curse the people of God. So he told Balak: No I won’t do it.

            So Balak increased the contract price and Balaam gave in and said to him, the next morning I’ll go with you.

You take advice and then go against it?

God wasn’t too impressed and then He sent an angel-visible only to the donkey, that Balaam was riding on-to block the roadway. The donkey eventually had to stop in a narrow passageway because he couldn’t get by and that caused a lot of angst for Balaam.

This caused a discussion, literally, between Balaam and his donkey. On the third time that Balaam said he wanted to whip his donkey

That’s when God opened Balaams’ eyes to see the angel.  He confessed what a fool he had been. So God told him to go with the men but SAY only what he tells him to say. So he did

Chapter 23. Balaam gives his first Oracle or Message.  The message basically was , “How can I curse  Jacob and his horde.  Balak was furious.

So Balaam gives a second Message.  God is not a man that he should lie. or even that He should change his mind. He has blessed I cannot change it, so live with it.

So Balak was still angry because Balaam would not curse the people of God.

Chapter, 24  Balaams’ third Message. He ends it with a double dose of Blessing and Balak cannot stand it anymore.

so finally the 4th message of Balaam confesses God absolutely.  He gives a prophecy that Balaks’ kingdom will be destroyed

Some interesting story out of this read.

Numbers 19-21 SPRING UP O WELL

The rest of the book of Numbers is about the result of people having to die off before the promise of conquering the land is delivered

So this take about 38.5 years.  for all this to happen. Most of the rest of the book God still brings great things to happen

This group from New Zealand sing the song that originates in chapter 21

Numbers 16-18 Attacking your Pastor? DON’T EVEN THINK IT!!

Chapter 16   Korahs’ Rebellion:  Great Grandson of Levi, and others took some men and had a civil plot against Moses and Aaron.

“Do not lay your hands on Gods’ Anointed”    Big principle in the Scriptures.

You want to fire your pastor?  One word   DON’T EVEN THINK IT!!


So you see the discussion: fight; between Moses and Korah.

vs. 31….As soon as Moses finished, the ground split open and swallowed the families of the rebellion.

vs. 42   The cloud appeared….God showed up!!  Those who died numbered 14,700, besides those who ided in the affair of Korah.

Chapter 17   MIRACLE OF GOD   .   Each leader put a staff in the tent of the testimony and the next day, a bud grew from Aarons’ staff, blossomed and it bore ripe almonds.   Now not only a miracle that it bore buds, but that they grew so fast into actual almonds.

It was to be kept as a memorial, that if you want to get rid of the Pastor, watch out, Cause God wants them to stay and blossom and produce good fruit.

Producing fruit is a good New Testament metaphor of Jesus

Chapter 18  Duties of Priests and Levites        this is a perpetual list of duties and receiving the tithes of the people was perpetual also


Numbers 14-15 Make Your Bed and Lie In It

Chapter 14:   the people complain again, since the spies came back and two of them: Caleb and Joshua said “we can take them, we can do it!”

10 came back and said the opposite. Naturally, the majority of people sided with them.  Vote your conscience?  No Way…Vote with your leader!!

So God was furious.  I have promised you,,,this is how you respond

So Moses talks back to God suggesting

  • You have to deliver them, since Egypt is watching
  • You are a merciful and loving God
  • Forgive these people

Gods response:  In the ten tribes of Disbelief,and not faith those ages 20 and up shall die in this wilderness. They shall not enter the promised land

Only Caleb and Joshua’s entire tribe shall go, because there was belief at a top.

Chapter 15   More laws about Sacrifices and Unintentional Sins….These we call sins of “Omission”

a Sabbathbreaker executed and yet we think it’s okay to be Open for Business on Sunday

But then when your God is money, Jesus doesn’t matter



So we just see a brand new story begin to develop. The first 10 chapters of the book take 20 days to happen

the next section is the TEST…the BIG TEST that I talked about in the Video Introduction of the book of Numbers

This will take , well not long to do the test; but the results will take a very very long time….I don’t want to spoil

it for you and tell you ahead of time

Chapter 11,      right off we see complaint

once I pastored a church…they didn.t want me to do anything…I learned to pray gor hour a day…I was fired within 18 months

yes the 2 went hand in hand

Moses leads people to worship God, but instead they complain.  To many hardships…they forgot about making bricks

So as a result  -two responses from God…  1)  consuming fire
# 2.   Later more food brings plague  Kibbroth-Attavah=”graves of craving”

              since the plague hit while people were eating.  I mean that is fast and deadly

In Chapter 12…Now there is family  opposition. .Miriam, sister to Moses -wrote victory song in Exodus 15…we heard it through video

Aaron  priest of most high…two siblings didn.t like his brothers choice of a wife…

Why now???..connected perhaps to spirit of complaining about  vs. 6-8   God defends Moses hits Miriam with leprosy
couldn’t do that to Aaron, he was High Priest

Moses lets it go


Numbers 8  The lamps were set up by Aaron and then the Levites were cleansed…Wash,,,,Shave…and have a sacrifice made to dedicate them to the Lord

I remember when Ordained to the Ministry at a public service there were a group of pastors there, who were invited to lay hands on me. This in Numbers 8 is where it all started and each generation will h ave its’ traditions; but the New Testament initiates the laying on of hand


Numbers 9   Celebration of Passover in this month again is the occurence here.

Then not just commandments, but the Cloud (the presence of God) was covering the Tabernacle

chapter 10 Then the call to come and worship….call by the Trumpets.   Trumpets is a clear metaphor in Scripture of God calling, or people

calling people together.  Of course, Trumpets are used in battle to Sound  alarm, or sound attack or sound retreat….In the Bible sense it’s usually

Calling God’s people for something.