Chapter 16

Prophet Jehu against a king. For sure God delivered messages to Kings who did not

abide Him or seek His Face.  What a warning in vs. 4: if you die in the city, the dogs

will eat you, but if you die in the field the birds will eat you

What a legacy

A new king rises up for Israel. Another continuing description we see in these books

Kings and Chronicles a king rises for one nation and we’re told who his contemporary

is in the other part of the Kingdom. in the 26th year of Asa king of Judah,

here comes Elah in Israel.  In the first year of his reign a guy named Zimri

came and killed him and began to reign.  But he reigned a short 7 days as I would

suppose the deliverer of justice for the Lord. As the next guy, Omri came on the

scene and took to replacing Zimri, the latter went and died in a fire he set over

himself in a barn.

So watch the continuing saga here as Asa now in his 31st year of reign in Judah

another king , Omri is reigning and winning the peoples hearts over. However

we eventually learn of the character of Omri, vs. 25 “he did what was evil in the

sight of the Lord. Soon he’s gone and his son Ahab reigned in his place and now

we’re at the 38th year of Asa.

Ahab also wasn’t a very good king and married Jezebel. We’ll hear more about

her later on

Chapter 17

Elijah the Great Prophet of God. Look at the circumstances he inherits. He speaks to

Ahab who calls Elijah “trouble of Israel”. What a way to start a relationship

There is a famine going on for 3 years and Elijah meets a few people :

Widow of Zarephath: she complains she has no food and Elijah tells her to use the oil

and bake him something and she will have food always despite the famine

Then he raises the widows’ son

The famine is going on and in the next chapter we see the great miracle that Elijah

preformed by Gods’ hand

Chapter 18

Elijah tells the king to get ready to worship God on the mountain top

Prophets of Baal are there, and of course they are idols made with mens hands

They are not real gods. They gather at Mount Carmel which actually overlooks the

Mediterranean Sea on the west and the plains of Megiddo ( the prophetic place

of the last battle on earth where the armies of the world gather together

to fight against God himself)

So the people come and Elijah taunts the people to follow God and they don’t

So the great sacrifice is made, he tells the servants of the other Gods to seek for a sign

and nothing happens. He calls on God to show Himself and he sends fire, to lick up

the water around the sacrifice, then the sacrifice itself. Finally as God shows himself

the people follow him and the prophets of Baal are destroyed

The the Lord ends the famine by sending rain.

But the next chapter spells doom for Elijah.



Chapter 13

Back to the prophets.  Saul, David, Solomon. The short lived Kingly rule of the Full Nation

of Israel. From the heritage of Jacob, who was given the name Israel from God later in

Jacobs’ life and after the brief leadership of Samuel, we went into the Kingdom government.

Now with the effectual split of the Nation of Israel we see “a man of God came out of Judah”

Jeroboam was there to make offerings, but the focus is on “the man of God”.  He made a prophesy

that a king would arise from the house of David: Josiah.  Meanwhile, Jeroboam not happy

with that word, and wanted him seized. However God paralyzed his hand, and only he submitted

to the prophet was it restored.  King wanted him to return with him and the guy said, give

me half your house and I still won’t follow you. Obey God, is better than riches.

But then he succombed to a lying prophet and was killed by a lion.  Jeroboam still didn’t get

closer to God


Chapter 14

Jeroboam gets sick so he sends his wife to the prophet who ordained him. He tried disguising her

but the prophet could tell when she arrived by the sound of her feet. He had no kind words

for Jeroboam and as a result the kings’ future or heritage didn’t look so bright.

Rehoboam picks up where Jeroboam , who passed away, left off.  He also did what was evil

in the sight of the Lord


Chapter 15

Abijam Reigns in Judah.  This is only the beginning of the list of the Kings that will reign either

in Israel or in Judah. The pattern of writing was how long they reigned and whether they did

evil in the sight of the Lord or not.   He had a three year reign

Then Asa reigns but he “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord”.  He reigned 41 years

in Judah

Meanwhile in Israel, Baasha reigned (vs 16) but not for long. IN the second year of Asas’ reign

we see Nadab reigns of Israel for two years. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord





Chapter 10

Solomon in all his wealth, power, accomplishments, if you noticed earlier had Political

alliances through women. The first was with Egypt and now in this chapter , the Queen

of Sheba. She heard of his fame and came to test him with hard questions

Naturally she brought lots of gifts of spices and gold and precious stones and he

returned the favour and gave her anything she desired

Second part of this chapter is the actual wealth of Solomon as  outlined as well

as his business income .  “Thus Solomon excelled all the kings of the earth in riches

and in wisdom.

Chapter 11

Solomon turns from the Lord: How? By marrying foreign women

God has expressly told him not to do this, or “they will turn your heart toward

other Gods.”  That is exactly what happened so that within a few years

we see, Solomon did what was evil in the sight of the Lord

When that happens, then as also now, when a leader/nation turns against his

Maker, so God responds and sends adversaries and in verse 12 summarizes

what He is about to do. I will destroy your kingdom, rip apart from you and your

sons, but not totally: I will let you have one tribe and lose the rest. vs. 13

This is the initial reason for the divided kingdom in Jewry from that day to the

present. Today, Jerusalem is in the tribe of Judah, as well as Bethlehem and you

know who was born in Bethlehem. God keeps his promises, as he made to David

that He would be the father of the Messiah

The rest of this chapter outlines the details of the destruction and division of the


Chapter 12

You see the folly of Solomons son Rehoboam, but another guy Jeroboam heard about

it and of course, here were two contestants for the throne. Why not, like being the chief

man in the most powerful nation of the world….Does that happen today?

Rehoboam took counsel with others who told him to tax the people and treat them

more harshly than Solomon did

This brought on the division of the Kingdom. So Jeroboam got his wish to be the leader

of the other 10 tribes, since Levi didn’t have a tribal land there was the tribe of Judah

and the other 10



Chapter 8

Bringing the Ark into the Temple, such a holy and celebratory event calls for worship and the priests

to lead in it. God responded with a “cloud filled the house of the Lord” (vs. 10

Then as Solomon leads the worship and recounts the story why he is building the Temple

and not David, he then turns and blesses the people.

Then the Prayer of Dedication

vs 23-53

notice in his prayer….If…..then hear from heaven and forgive  vs 32,34,36, repeated

The Benediction to the prayer by blessing the people

Then the sacrifices made as peace offerings Thousands of animals

That took 8 days, but the people went away rejoicing

CHapter 9

God appears to Solomon and says “I’ve heard your prayer and plea make sure you

keep them and be like your father whose heart was steadfast for me. But if you turn

away this place will be a heap of ruins.

How is the temple today: In Muslim hands, an insult to Jews but promise fulfilled by God’


Then the other activities of Solomon are recorded in the rest of this chapter




Chapter 6

This is the actual building of the great Solomons’ temple. David was refused by God to build

the temple because he was a fighter, warrior king. So here in the 2nd month, exactly 480 years after

the Exodus from Egypt Solomon began to build the temple

See the challenge from God: one thing to build the building, now live the life.  Walk in my statutes

, obey my rules and keep all my commandments and walk in them, and I will establish my word with you

says God Almighty.

The foundation was laid in a period of two years (vs. 37) and the house was finished in 7 years


Chapter 7

Now the palace gets built his house and palace and took him 13 years.

Then the temple furnishings were made. HIram was a worker in bronze and made the pillars as well as capitals to

sit on top of the pillars, as well as other things for the Temple

1 KINGS 3-5 Solomon as King

Chapter 3

Solomon as King.  Marriage alliance with Pharoah yet he “loved the Lord”

God asked Solomon what shall He give him and Solomon asked for wisdom

to rule such a large people

Test right away as two prostitutes came to Solomon with a baby and they

both claimed it was theirs.  A smart move on Solomons’ part showed who truly was the mother

Chapter 4

Solomons’ officials listed as well as their responsibilities

Also his wealth was listed and his dominion

He ruled most of the known world at the time: From Gaza strip to Iraq

Chapter 5

Preparations to build the Temple



1 Kings 1,2

A very graphic look at behind the scenes when a King is alive but technically out of it

So Solomons’ mother: Bathsheba, one of a few of Davids’ wives take the bull by the hand, so to

speak and tell David, it’s time to crown Solomon , King.

OF course in the meantime, another fellow thinks that he should be king.  We just finished

historically of Davids’ troops killing his son who wanted to lead a civil revolt against his father

Now you have another one who thinks he can do it. One problem is he is not a son of David,

by Bathsheba, and he promised Bathsheba that her son Solomon would be king

You see the backroom dealings he had with a couple of Davids’ staunch supporters, though not

the top ones.

Therefore the prophet, Nathan and Bathsheba have to intervene

David keeps his promise as he said to Bathsheba, his wife by adultery and murder of her first husband,

but promises are promises. So he calls for a particular priest and prophet to make Solomon the next in line


Chapter 2        After Solomon is anointed King, David gives a few statements of Leadership. He named

names in making it clear what he should do with certain people.


EVEN IN his last days he takes and follows through on Bathshebas’ suggestions.

So as Solomon is anointed and takes control he cleans house.


As on the video we’ll cover I Kings, which is part of the story of the life of Solomon

then the events that lead to the dividing of the Kingdom by his two sons, and that follows

the great prophet Elijah, who speaks out against the kings.  Then we may break

to read  the rest of the Wisdom Literature, at least the Solomonic authorship books:

Proverbs,  Ecclesiastes  and  Song of Solomon

I KIngs looks at the crowning of Solomon from Davids bed the order is given

and then the two great prophets of God : Elijah, and the beginning of Elisha


Psalm 146

Don’t put your trust in leaders, put it in the creator


Psalm 147

It’s good to sing praise to our God who builds up, not destroys


Psalm 148

Praise the Name of the Lord


Psalm 149

All of creation, animals named and unnamed give Praise to God

Quite a warrior Psalm for His people in verses 6-9.


Psalm 150

Wit the noiseiest of orchestral instruments declare Praise to God

parallel Psalm to 117




PSALMS 140-145 God the Great Provider

Ed. Note: Two short sections finish the book of Psalms

Psalm 140

Deliver me, O God from Evil Men

You ever read in the paper where violent crime has ended a life; or a man gets stabbed

on a beach. People have to deal with their problems with violent crime. When that

happens it’s just more and more degrading and collapsing of a society. We think

money can take care of everything; not to the man who has hasn’t foundations

Psalm 141

Give Ear to my voice.

O God, Let my prayer be incense to you

Psalm 142

God you are my refuge. I cry to you, because you will deliver me


Psalm 143

My soul thirsts for you.  To everyone: God has planted Eternity in our hearts

To deny it is to deny God exists.  Idolators do not earn the grace of God


Ps 144

Classic Psalm of Protection for a society or a city.

7 fold Praise of God as a warrior who teaches us how to fight

7 fold Call to God to come down and fight on our behalf

7 fold result from God to clean up our streets make our business

families and societies thrive


Ps  145.

Great is the Lord

notice of qualities of God, that David declares in this Psalm

  • Greatness is unsearchable
  • He has mighty acts
  • Glorious splendour
  • Abundant goodness
  • Gracious and merciful
  • Good to all
  • Mercy is over all his creation
  • Lord is faithful
  • Provider of food in due season
  • Satisfies the desire of every living thing
  • Righteous in all his ways
  • Near to all who call on him in truth
  • Preserves those who love him
  • But the wicked he will destroy