Chapter 5
Eliphaz’ counsel is to appeal to God but JOb never cursed God to start with,
so the empty advice is inconsequential , but Eliphaz is the hollow man

Chapter 6

Job responds in ch 6 saying , I’m not afraid of the almighty and your advice is useless


Chapter 7  He responds in hopelessness…saying things like I’ll never be happy again


Chapter 8  Bildad, second friend speaks

  vs. 5-7  But if you will seek God earnestly

and plead with the Almighty,
if you are pure and upright,
even now he will rouse himself on your behalf
and restore you to your prosperous state.
Your beginnings will seem humble,
so prosperous will your future be.

Ch 8  #2 friend
Bildad wants to link righteousness and wealth, but the poor can have righteousness as well

that’s where the Western World is not…if we have wealth we are “blessed”   what we

don’t realize is that We already are blessed whether rich or poor


Chapter 1

At the beginning of this book we see a strange encounter: God and Satan

Satan comes into Gods’ presence and poses a situation

Job is a rich man, of course he praises you. Take away his wealth and….

but the summary is quite different than the Devil of all mankind hinted

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
    and naked I will depart.[c]
The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
    may the name of the Lord be praised.”

22 In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.

Chapter 2

note points as you go along

2:6  God limits Satan in your life if you honour God

Jobs’ wife curses God and wonders why Job doesnt; but he finally does in chapter 3

Chapter 3  Job goes about bemoaning the day of his birth

Then here come three friends and note their intent on coming

this comment applies to the next chapter, #4, but want to set up the chapter

When Job’s three friends, Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite,

heard about all the troubles that had come upon him,

they set out from their homes and met together by agreement to go

and sympathize with him and comfort him.


Chapter  4                               Eliphaz the first friend  speaks

The Innocence prospers

vs 6 for his philosophy

Points to Ponder: just notice in the next 23 chapters how much do they “Sympathize and Comfort him”

that was their intent….ooops   Eliphaz the first guy

Intro to Job

There is a great debate as to when Job was written. If you just look at the Scripture though you get certain hints

There is no mention of Abraham or his sons, the covenant, the Passover, the Exodus….all the great stories of

history that continually make up Old Testament literature and referring backward in history about the life

of Israel and Judah because of Abraham and the covenant

That’s why I believe Job is pre-Abrahamic, or about 2500 years before Christ.

THE UNIQUE part of Job is a picture that could happen regularly. Satan goes into the presence of God and

says, I want to afflict Job . He only likes you because he’s rich

The entire book is judgment and suppostition why God is “punishing” Job.  Actually God limits Satan to what he can do to Job

That should greatly encourage the Christian



ED. note,   this section a little extra long as we finish out the book

Chapter 33.

Manasseh begins to reign and that lasts 55 years. Son of Hezekiah and did

NOT follow in the footsteps of his father.

Quickly he restored all the idol worship high places; much to Gods shagrin

God gave him an opportunity to repent, but he turned away even more

God brought down the Assyrian empire upon his people

Amon his son reigned and did  what his dad did, again sinfully

Chapter 34.

Josiah was 8 years old and the prophet Jeremiah thought

this guy was the MAN to bring Judah back to God and

have true revival in the land.  Here are some dates

-he reigned at 8 years old, and he began to seek God

-4 years later at age 12 he threw down the idols, BRAVE

-14 years later at age 26 (18th year of his reign) he had

cleansed the land, like Hezekiah had done and he found

the book of the Law.  This event which was recorded in

I Chronicles is the basis for the book of Ezra; and encouraging

to Ezra and to Jeremiah, the prophet.

When the kings reader read this to him: from the book of the

law, Josiah tore his clothes and was beside himself with terror

that the former kings would incite this wrath of God upon the nation


Chapter 35

Through prophecies and battles, Josiah goes into battle and even

though he disguises himself, he is killed and Jeremiah weeps


Chapter 36

Judah declines through the son of Josiah who was Jeoahaz and

he had no leadership skills. 3 months was his reign and the king

of Egypt got him. So Judah was being surrounded by the nations

and there was no “fight” left in them.

As was recorded in I CHronicles king after king rose but the

time of the end was near.

Finally, Jerusalem was Captured and burned

BUT GOD SPOKE through the decree of Cyrus as Jeremiah

prophesied that the Lord , The God of heaven has given

me (Cyrus) all the kingdoms of the earth….and he goes on

to say anyone who wants to return to Jerusalem, go




Ed. note   this is a longer section but read the complete reign of Hezekiah

Chapter 29

Hezekiah reigns at 25  and he reigned for 29 years. what a positive guy this man was,

but a little selfish on the other end of life. He sired a king who was the worst in

Judah, yet he was solid against the opposition when they came a calling.

First of all he cleaned the temple:

-consecrating the priests and levites: cleaning up the Leadership;

a list is made of them and that took 8 days to cleanse it all

-Then the worship was improved, so spiritually the place is clean

Chapter 30

PASSOVER is celebrated  Couriers went out to sound the word:

“Tay the good Lord pardon everyone who sets his heart to seek God,

the Lord,              and God kept his good promise and healed people


Chapter 31

Then he organizes the priests Then he cleans all altars and false



Chapter 32…Then the enemies come and attack

Sennacharib attacks first by verbalization and swears against God

Tries mental attack upon the army, undermining their confidence

in Hezekiah and God but God delivers Jerusalem and Hezeki


Chapter  25

The story continues with Amaziah reigning at age 25 and lasting 29 years.

He worshipped the Lord and struck down the conspirators who assassinated

his father.  But then he turned the other way as well, and then God gave

his over to his enemies, because he turned away from the Lord


Chapter 26

Uzziah a good king started to Reign. He was only 16

and his fame spread throughout the entire area

But he grew strong and proud and God struck him with leprosy.

Of course then he had to be quarantined so Jotham his son

reigned in his stead


Chapter 27

Jotham started to reign at 25 and lasted 16 years

He “did what was right” in the eyes of the Lord. but he did not

enter the temple of the Lord.

Because he let the people do  what they wanted, he didn’t last long


Chapter 28

Ahaz reigned in Judah 16 years starting at age 20

He made lots idols and had the people worship them.

So God gave him into the hands of Syrian kings and 200,000

went into captivity.  Leadership: good or bad affects the

people the same way

Even then Ahaz did not turn to God, but thought that his

captors’ Gods could help him. WRONG!!



Chapter 21   Jehoshaphats’ immediate 7 sons had a problem: the number one son:

Jehoram took the throne and killed all  6 of  his brothers.

Not exactly brotherly love. Suffice it to say

he was not a worshipper  of God either Fortunately he oh\nly reigned 8 years


Chapter 22  Ahaziah Reigns : the youngest son of Jehoram who had 1 year on throne


Chapter 23  Jehoiada was made  King and he was a worshipper of God. he went

throughout the land gathering the Levites to be his bodyguards

and when he became King they worshipped the Lord


Chapter 24  Joash was 7 when he began to reign. and his reign

lasted 40 years  He restored the house of the Lord. He did that by putting

a tax on the people and having the Levites and priests collect it

But then he went the other way and worshipped Idols and God

sent the prophet Zechariah to speak against the King.

Finally the king was assassinated



Chapter 17:

Jehoshaphat was another Godly King who “walked in the earlier ways of his fatherDavid.

All Judah it says, brought tribute to this King

In the 3rd year of his reign he had Teaching Seminars in the country

because they had the book of the Law. The people had forgotten the ways

of Jehovah….Much like today, but that is a strong element of Revival

And as a result the fear of the Lord fell upon all the Kingdoms of the

lands around about Judah

You see this formula of Worshipping God, gaining wealth, influence and power

Chapter 18

Interesting passage on finding the will of God. A neighbouring nation says

to Jehoshaphat will you come and go to battle with me, and he says okay, but

first we want to inquire of God. Well 400 prophets said, okay that’s the will of

God . But there was one that Jehshaphat really wanted to hear from because

he really trusted the guy.  Micaiah came and said, don’t go. But for that he was

put in prison and he said “if you return in peace God has not spoken by me.

As a result Jehoshaphat went with them, but God rescued him and the King

of Israel was shot and killed despite being disguised.


Chapter 19 is the Reforms of Jehoshaphat


Chapter 20 is Jehoshaphats’ prayer when the nation was under attack

So he told the people. to sing and praise God

Give thanks to the Lord

for his steadfast love endures forever

when they did God set an ambush against their enemies

The Enemies got confused and killed each other.


Chapter 13     Abijah brings the people back to the Lord

he does it first by leading the army and as he does, LISTEN to

what he says:  vs. 8 Just because you are the promised people

you think you got it made;  US AND CANADA and western

nations in 2016…YOu think you got it made

vs. 10 “But as for us, the Lord is our God, and we have

not forsaken him”

Chapter 14

Asa his son, is raised up and becomes King. ten years the people had rest

That’s what revivals do. “He had no war because the Lord gave him peace”

Ethiopian leader came out to war against them with 1 million men. He cried

out to God who won the battle for them

Chapter 15

Asa’s Religious Reforms:   Prophet Azariah came to speak to Asa

and warn him. Turn to the Lord and put away foreign idols

so they did

Chapter 16

Asas’ downfall.  Interesting story. Why not continue your whole

life to honour God.  He was going to be attacked again and this

time he made alliances with men and other nations

But this time, Hanani the prophet of Judah came to talk to

him and tell him…now you make alliances with men’


So Asa put the prophet in stocks, but look at the previous

verse, 9

The Lord looks to and fro to see

          whose heart is blameless toward him”

But now that you have done this foolish thing

you shall have wars.

Asa was afflicted by sores in his feet, and had them

until he died


2Chronicles 9-12 Sheba, Solomons’ wealth, and Then the Destruction


Chapter 9    The Queen of Sheba comes for a visit. She is greatly impressed.

She gives a lot of gifts and then returns home

In this chapter also is recorded the Wealth of Solomon, plus his assets

Wealthiest man in the world at the time.

Chapter 10

As we read going through 1 Kings, Solomon dies and his son, Rehoboam

split the kingdom when he took the throne. The advisors told him

to treat the people with respect, but he didn’t , he went the other way

Here comes the battle,  and the split when Rehoboam sent his servant

to deliver a message they stoned the guy. So the epitaph for this chapter

is that Israel has been in rebellion against the house of David to this day.

Chapter 11

Rehoboam has to secure the city and he does that.

Chapter 12

We see the plundering of Jerusalem by Egyptians. This is a short

but detailed chapter leading to the death of Rehoboam