Chapter 46    Judgment on Egypt

Motif of a warfare, and Egypt is soundly defeated
vs. 13 followed by the Gods’ word of Babylon coming to defeat them

summary in vs. 25  I am bringing them to punish Egypt
and her Pharoahs

Chapter 47       Judgment on Philistines

same treatment for them as for Egypt


Chapter 48    Judgment on Moab

Jeremiah not just a prophet for Israel but also for the neighbours


Chapter  41     Gedaliah murdered by Ishmael and his group of ten men,
self appointed to do some ritualistic cleansing

who was he?   He was appointed Governor of the land, not by the people
but by the King of Bablyon.

Ishmael even had groups of people killed and thrown into the cistern
Cistern seems to be a place of “never returning from”  except to help
Jeremiah get out of it with ropes, awhile back
Continued warfare, to be continued

Chapter 42   Warning against going to Egypt

Johanan the guy who led the forces against Ishmael, went to Jeremiah for
Divine assistance.  Jeremiah said, I’ll petition the Lord…it took 10 days
for a response from Jehovah

Who waits ten days today for word from the Lord?
I find it hard to wait an hour

God answered: If you stay here, I’ll protect you and grow your group;
but if you go to Egypt, as a reprieve, where you can get bread and water:

Know this: you will die there. You will not return here


Chapter  43      Jeremiah Taken to Egypt

The Truth hurts.  So all the people called Jeremiah a liar; took the people
and went to Egypt, including Jeremiah and Baruch, his assistant

God prophesied that He would send his servant- Nebuchadnezzar- to
come and set up his royal throne right over the place where he had told
Jeremiah to put heavy rocks in the mortar leading to the Kings’ palace


Chapter 44     Gods’ judgment upon the land

Sounds like God the judge in court, listing the crimes of the people
against God

Jeremiah has to deliver this word.  Remember in the first chapter:
God told Jeremiah that he would make his feet of iron.  It was for
occasions such as this


Chapter 45     Postscript: Message to Baruch

It’s interesting the placement of this chapter, but follows the Judgment
of God but the actual timing of dictation was some time ago




Chapter 37

Once upon a time Jeremiah predicted this Kings’ trouble. Here it comes
This book is not always told according to Chronology

Here again he warns King Zedekiah , son of Josiah, but note not made King
unless the enemy King made him so. So they send to Jeremiah to pray for him

God responds: don’t think that prayer is going to help you now.

Jeremiah Imprisoned : because of false testimony

when Zedekiah sends for Jeremiah to ask if God has responded to him,
he said : you shall be delivered to the king of Babylon.

Zedekiah rescued him anyway


Chapter 38    Jeremiah cast into the Cistern

Jeremiah started to say: anyone who stays here will die…better to go to Babylon
he got arrested and thrown into the Cistern

later rescued

so he goes back and warns Zedekiah again.  He warns him. surrender and live, or else you die

Chapter 39       Fall of Jerusalem


Chapter  40     Jeremiah remains in Judah



Ed. note.  right on schedule, on August 28

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year left with 359 chapters to go. The new Testament will lend
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I just felt the presentation of the Gospel by one of the worlds’
greatest evangelists of the modern time and creator of ALPHA
that in light of us reading the New Covenant and the promises
of PEACE  , that message was very appropriate


Chapter 33    Lord Promises Peace

While Jeremiah is in prison, God says, Call to me, and
I’ll let you know of some awesome things you haven’t even
known about yet.
The promise of new health, new life, despite what they’ve
done to me.
they will praise me

        Give thanks to the Lord of Hosts,
                              for the Lord is good
for his steadfast love endures forever!

Then He gives a couple of illustrations how His Covenant
will not be broken.

Chapter 34  Prophecy of the Death of Zedekiah


Chapter 35          Obedience of the Rechabites

This was a group in the midst of Israel who obeyed their
ancestor father not to drink wine or to buy land, They lived
in tents in the land. God promised them good things
because they obeyed their Ancestor


Chapter 36.  King Jehoiakim burns Jeremiah’s Scroll

Jeremiah was banned from going to the house of God
so he gives his scroll to his servant, Baruch

This king was son of Josiah, one of the best and the king
whom Jeremiah hoped would lead the people back to
the Lord. But Josiah died earlier than expected.
So in his 5th year, his son Jehoiakim proclaimed a fast
and Baruch read the words of Jeremiah
But the king didn’t like it. : More fuel for the fire

But also Baruch was warned, tell Jeremiah you two are
to go and hide.

So after it was burned, he wrote out another copy




Ed. note a long section but this is New Testament prophecy material


Chapter 30  Restoration for Israel and Judah

Beautiful Picture


Chapter 31      Turn Mourning into Joy

vs. 31  The New Covenant

vs. 33        I will put a new law in them, I will be their God 
                                                  and they shall be my people

    This is the new Covenant promise ushered in by Jesus 


Chapter 32            Go buy a field

Jeremiah goes and buys a field during the siege. Great sign of a future back on the land

Jeremiah then prays for understanding


His great prayer: Try fashioning a prayer after this style


They shall be my people; I will be their God

-one heart and one mind

-I will not turn away from doing good to them


JEREMIAH 26-29 Prophets and False Prophets

Chapter 26         Jeremiah threatened with Death

Well he’s already been shackled before, but leaders for Jesus around the world
have suffered since the beginning of time, and will in the future

God tells Jeremiah to go stand in the court of the Lord’s house, Maybe they’ll listen


but he was on trial soon enough

but he tells them again….I speak in the name of the Lord…Mend your hearts and your deeds

One brave man stood and spoke in the defense of a prophet of Jehovah.

Name:  Ahikam  never hear that name today


Chapter 27         Yoke of Nebuchadnezzar

You want to live, then these are the terms; if not DIE


Chapter 28        Hananiah False Prophet

Jeremiah said Amen to the false words of the False Prophet….Always great to hear good news

After the good news expressed by the False Prophet God comes to Jeremiah and says
Go tell them I’ll give bars of iron; not bars of wood. They’ll be in more trouble than ever

Jeremiah said, you’ll be dead within a year.  he died 7 months later


Chapter 29              Jeremiahs’ Letter to the Exiles

Encouraging the saints in a distant land, but has to deal with another False Prophet

He tells them to buy land, build farms, plant and harvest it’s gonna be 70 years

This imagery was used by the church in USSR in 1991 after Perestroika

This promise in vs 12 is rich, unfortunately used by people today to give  hope, but does it

This is Gods’ promise to Gods’ special chosen people who’ve been denied rights and privileges of

their heritage.

Shemaiah’s False Prophecy here   God spoke to the people,  This guy will not reside amoung
and none of his children either


JEREMIAH 23-25 Gods’ Political Dominance

Chapter 23        The Righteous Branch

On a tirade against the shepherds: priestly class who didn’t care about people
The Lord gives a prophecy to Jeremiah about Jesus, the Good Shepherd

vs. 9  Lying Prophets

bring everylasting reproach and disaster


Chapter 24     Good Figs and Bad Figs

Popular tree in Israel is the Fig Tree.  Lots of stories about those
the Lord gives Jeremiah a vision of Figs
2 baskets    one basket of good edible figs ;
the second of bad figs, could not be eaten
Those who go away into exile, I’ll regard them as Good Figs
but King Zedekiah, his officials, those who stay behind: Bad Figs


Chapter 25          Seventy years of Captivity

Jeremiah gives testimony:he’s been preaching to repent for 23 years
vs 12. Lord says, after 70 years I will punish that land: the Chaldeans for their sin
and make their land an everlasting waste

the Cup of the Lord’s Wrath

wail you shepherds



Chapter 18        Potter and the Clay

Jeremiah: go learn from the Potter

as a salesman I go and learn from other businesses all the time, but this motif
of Potter and clay is so rich and powerful. It’s picked up in various
Scripture in the New testament, the best reference in Romans 9 arguing
for the fact, God chooses us to be his children

 here the motive is   vs. 11  “I am shaping disaster against you and devising a plan against you,

                                                   Return, every one from jhis evil way and amend your ways and your deeds

but the people,  No way, we want to go our own way!!

and God responds with  voices from nature, illustrations of how the world works
despite them turning their backs on God

Isn’t that where the western nations are today?

So the Christian community must constantly call for revival


Chapter 19      The Broken Flask

As Jeremiah is to go out to the gate: the place of meeting for the community;
so he goes and breaks a flask.

The message:  I’ll break the potters flask: which can never be mended again


Chapter 20            Jeremiah Persecuted by Pashur

Pashur was a priest.  Not exactly liking the messages Jeremiah had to talk about

He put Jeremiah in stocks for one day, See the words when
Jeremiah was released. he said ” your name is Pashur ”              “TERROR ON EVERY SIDE”
Pashur was a false prophet, and Jeremiah had no kind words for him

Shout of praise    vs. 13   “Sing to the Lord, Praise the Lord,
                                                             for he has rescued the life of the needy
                                                                   from the hand of evildoers


Chapter 21          Jerusalem will fall to Nebuchnezzar

Basically God reveals his strategy of not turning back the enemies
but bringing them into the city and taking over

Message for the house of David: Execute Justice or I’ll do it for you


Chapter 22.

Weep not for the dead, but those of you going into Exile
I’ll make Jerusalem a wasteland and a desert , says the Lord






Chapter 14       The Drought

Whenever there is disobedience there needs to be correctives in place
In the book of Hebrews “the Lords discipline is good for his people”

         vs. 11 again.  Do not pray for this people……I will consume them
                               by the sword, by famine, and by pestilence.

      Lying Prophets

Chapter 15            the Lord will not Relent

Jeremiahs’ Complaint


Chapter 16         Famine, Sword, and Death

Marriage is not in the cards for you Jeremiah

The Lord will Restore Israel and as well to be a witness for Him

The Fisherman Motif


Chapter 17     The Sin of Judah

vs. 7 is similar to Psalm 1


vs  9   is  a declaration of the depravity of Man

                                                      The heart is deceitful above all things  and desperately sick
                                                           who can understand it?

    Jeremiah prays for deliverance


vs. 19  Keep the Sabbath Holy     Go stand in the gate and Proclaim