Chapter 1      Warning of going into Exile: Be ready
Chapter 2      Woe to the Oppressors
Chapter 3     Rulers and Prophets Denounced
Chapter 4      The Mountain of the Lord

-hope in the midst of disaster

“they shall beat their swords into plowshares”  vs 3

When there is Peace,  the Lord rescues Zion


Chapter 1   The story of Jonahs’ disobedience; taking matters into his own hands
and Gods’ response for him delivering him from the conscience into the sea
and from the sea into a large fish


Chapter 2     An interesting tale of being in the belly of a large fish. Such description


Chapter 3   Jonah delivered from the fish back into the sea and cast on shore at the end
of the previous chapter. So he resumes the proper way, albeit with some hesitantcy


Chapter 4  Jonah predicts the compassionate end for the people of Nineveh because of Gods’
mercy and thus is somewhat dismayed, disturbed and a fascinating LAST VERSE of the book


Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament and one of the
more disputed as for reason for writing. But the author himself
describes the reason in his writings: Prophecy against nation Edom
which has descended from Esau, brother of Jacob who claims
he was cheated of his birthright.

That stays true to today: Arabs vs. Israel for various reasons


Chapter 5

Seek the Lord and Live

Let justice roll down like waters and an ever flowing stream

Chapter 6

Woe to those at Ease in Zion

We often feel secure in assets: houses, bank accounts, but to Seek Him and Live
we need to feel secure in him

Chapter 7

Warning Visions

Here come the locusts        Amos pleading with God

God relented:  See a plumb line, Amos

Then a priest came out against Amos,,,,Leave, go flee away, to Judah prophesy there
Amos response: “I was never a prophet, as he shares his resume

God slams the priest


Chapter 8       The Coming Day of Bitter Mourning

Basket of summer fruit : You enjoy your prosperity
but I will bring a famine on the land


Chapter 9   Vision of God standing by the Altar

the prophecy of destroying and restoring Israel: northern Kingdom

vs. 13    Plowman overtake the reaper and the mountains shall drip
sweet wine

what a beautiful picture of the Lord as sower and reaper



Chapter 1      “two years before the earthquake”  obviously writing after it and
commenting on the effects of such.
1st message to Damascus:  shall break you

2nd message to Gaza: send a fire upon wall of Gaza

3rd message to Tyre: they delivered up a nation against
the covenant given to that nation centuries previously

4th message to Edom: for injustice done to Jacob

5th message to Ammonites they wanted to enlarge their borders


Chapter 2

6th message to Moab: cut off the ruler in its’ midst

7th  message to Judah: they have rejected law of the Lord

8th message to Israel: Injustice to poor and needy

and His message to them is the fiercest

“to whom is given much, much will be required of them”

Chapter 3

Israels’ Guilt and Punishment

vs 12: “…as the shepherd (who is the author) rescues from the mouth of the lion two legs,
or a piece of an ear, so shall the people of Israel be rescued with the corner of a couch and part of a bed”


Chapter 4

Message to the women

Israel has not returned to God


Amos was a farmer. God calls farmers, businessmen, sons of preachers to preach, but Amos was the first
of the writing prophets.

Amos as a farmer preacehr during the reigns of Uzziah in the southern kingdom of Judah and to
the northern: Israel and King Jeroboam II.  Both kingdoms enjoyed properity and usually in a time
such as that idolatry, extravagance and corruption was rife. Amos denounced the people for that activity



Chapter 1

He tells of a locust plague that hit Israel and calls for Repentance


Chapter 2

He prophesies of the coming of  the Holy Spirit amidst the promise
to restore the years the locust has removed from you: 5 descriptions
of locusts

Chapter 3

End time prophesy where he will gather the nations and bring
them to Israel to be judged

then the famous phrase; Day of the Lord

I will beat your Swords into Plowshares
and your pruning hooks into spears

The Glorious Future of Israel