Revelation 1-3 Letters to the Seven Churches

Chapter 1

  • Prologue
  • Greetings to the Seven Churches
  • Vision of the Son of Man
  • note 33 characteristics, comments, titles of Jesus in few verses


Chapter 2

  •  To The Church in Ephesus
  • To The Church in Smyrna
  • To The Church in Pergamum
  • To The Church in Thyatira


Chapter 3

  • To The Church in Sardis
  • To The Church in Philadephia
  • To The Church in Laodicea


This book has been preached, studied more than the rest of the Bible
all together. Unfortunately , more interpretations than ever have
been given.

One thing is for sure, the language is similar to stories and events of
the Scripture in its entirety.
For sure it is the last book of the BOOK; it is the last chapter, you could say;
but then for sure it does talk about the end
Don’t forget it is a book written to the seven churches that are listed in the
first three chapters of the book.



2nd and 3rd JOHN, JUDE

Ed. note…..  read these 3 little epistles together as we
get set up to tackle the last book of the Bible

2 John warns against false teaching

  • Greeting
  • Walking in Truth and Love
  • Final Greeting

3 John encourages Christian hospitality and compares
two people. One is Gaius who welcomes Christian missionaries
into his home, but condemns Diotrephes who is a selfish
church leader for two main reasons. He refused to help, plus
he went so far as to slander them

  • Greeting
  • Support and Opposition
  • Final Greetings

JUDE warns about thinking that this world is all there is.
His strong language of those who were perverting the grace of God
is evident, plus the word  forms of the word “keep” is strong in this
little epistle.

  • Greeting
  • Judgment on False Teachers
  • A Call to Persevere

1st JOHN 1-5 It’s All About Assurance

Chapter 1

  • The Word of Life
  • Walking in the Light


Chapter 2

  • Christ Our Advocate
  • The New Commandment
  • Do Not Love the World
  • Warning Concerning Antichrists
  • Children of God


Chapter 3

  • Love One Another


Chapter 4

  • Test the Spirits
  • God is Love


Chapter 5

  • Overcoming the World
  • Testimony Concerning the Son of God
  • That you may Know