Chapter 17:

Jehoshaphat was another Godly King who “walked in the earlier ways of his fatherDavid.

All Judah it says, brought tribute to this King

In the 3rd year of his reign he had Teaching Seminars in the country

because they had the book of the Law. The people had forgotten the ways

of Jehovah….Much like today, but that is a strong element of Revival

And as a result the fear of the Lord fell upon all the Kingdoms of the

lands around about Judah

You see this formula of Worshipping God, gaining wealth, influence and power

Chapter 18

Interesting passage on finding the will of God. A neighbouring nation says

to Jehoshaphat will you come and go to battle with me, and he says okay, but

first we want to inquire of God. Well 400 prophets said, okay that’s the will of

God . But there was one that Jehshaphat really wanted to hear from because

he really trusted the guy.  Micaiah came and said, don’t go. But for that he was

put in prison and he said “if you return in peace God has not spoken by me.

As a result Jehoshaphat went with them, but God rescued him and the King

of Israel was shot and killed despite being disguised.


Chapter 19 is the Reforms of Jehoshaphat


Chapter 20 is Jehoshaphats’ prayer when the nation was under attack

So he told the people. to sing and praise God

Give thanks to the Lord

for his steadfast love endures forever

when they did God set an ambush against their enemies

The Enemies got confused and killed each other.

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