Chapter  25

The story continues with Amaziah reigning at age 25 and lasting 29 years.

He worshipped the Lord and struck down the conspirators who assassinated

his father.  But then he turned the other way as well, and then God gave

his over to his enemies, because he turned away from the Lord


Chapter 26

Uzziah a good king started to Reign. He was only 16

and his fame spread throughout the entire area

But he grew strong and proud and God struck him with leprosy.

Of course then he had to be quarantined so Jotham his son

reigned in his stead


Chapter 27

Jotham started to reign at 25 and lasted 16 years

He “did what was right” in the eyes of the Lord. but he did not

enter the temple of the Lord.

Because he let the people do  what they wanted, he didn’t last long


Chapter 28

Ahaz reigned in Judah 16 years starting at age 20

He made lots idols and had the people worship them.

So God gave him into the hands of Syrian kings and 200,000

went into captivity.  Leadership: good or bad affects the

people the same way

Even then Ahaz did not turn to God, but thought that his

captors’ Gods could help him. WRONG!!


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